United Church - 50th Anniversary

Brand: 2018

Post PNG is pleased to have partnered with the United Church in celebrating its (United Church) 50th Anniversary by way of accommodating the occasion as a stamp issue topic in the 2018 stamp issue calendar. In a similar approach with other issue topics, Post PNG also values religion, and in this case, the existence of the United Church in Papua New Guinea.

In a scenario similar to a relay race, the early Missionaries received the batten at their respective stations and made the last dash here; to the ends of the world. This, biblically, is according to Mathew 28: 16 - 20 ‘The Great Commission’ where the resurrected Jesus Christ instructed his disciples to spread his teachings to all the nations of the world.

In today’s Papua New Guinea, the London Missionary Society began its work in 1871. Several groups of Christians from the Pacific islands came to work with the mission, which expanded through the Papuan mainland.

The Australian Methodist Church, now the Uniting Church in Australia, responded to the request to join the pioneering work. The Methodist mission covered three independent areas, called districts. These joined together in 1950 in mission work in the southern highlands.

In 1962 the London Missionary Society, together with the mission of the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand and another mission body, formed the Papua Ekalesia, at the time the largest single church in Papua.

A further union took place on 19 January 1968 when the Papua Ekalesia, the Methodists and the Union Church of Port Moresby together established the United Church in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

In 1996 the general assembly of the United Church in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands resolved that the existence of one united church covering two independent countries should no longer be maintained. Thus the United Church in Papua New Guinea came into being as an autonomous church on its own. Since 1968, this year marks the 50th year of existence, serving under the banner of the United Church in Papua New Guinea.



The United Church in Papua New Guinea exists to teach, preach and live the Good News of Jesus Christ in her faith, life and witness; in loving and caring ministries through the united participation of the people of God until he returns.

Mission Goals

1. Enhance the teaching and proclamation of the word of God

2. Encourage members to be prayerful and live Christian

lives, expressing Christian faith in life and witness

3. Provide health and education and other social services to the community

4. Promote continuous communication among her people

5. Promote, encourage and provide opportunities to enhance participation by all

6. To be good stewards of resources

7. Continue and maintain ecumenism and partnership in mission with partner churches

8. Promote gender balance and issues

9. Be united in its life and witness

10. Encourage young people to participate in the mission of God

11. Equip members with self-reliance & entrepreneurial skills.

12. Continue and increase our partnership with the government, development agencies and other stakeholders

Technical Details
STAMP SIZE                                        60mm x 35mm
SOUVENIR SHEET SIZE                        105mm x 75mm
SHEETLET SIZE                                   105mm x 75mm
DENOMINATION                                  K1.60, K2.00, K5.00 & K6.90
SHEET CONTENTS                               25
FORMAT                                             Horizontal
PERFORATION                                     2mm
COLOURS                                           Full-colour process
DESIGNER                                         Banian Masiboda
PRINTER                                            Southern Colour Print - NZ
ISSUE DATE                                      18th June 2018
WITHDRAWAL DATE                          18th December 2018

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