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The Post PNG Philatelic Bureau, while still hailing the success of the 2017 Rare Birds issue, have again, come up with yet another rare birds issue for this year (2018).

As if the thousand plus tribes and the 800 distinct languages isn’t exciting enough, we’re indulging you, with yet another mind-boggling revelation; among other wonders of our land. Papua New Guinea is also blessed with over 700 bird species, of which, 13 are rare. Having featured 8 of these rare birds last year, we are now featuring the remaining 5 of the 13 birds. Notice that the Dusky Scrubfowl, which is featured on the K10.00 stamp and the Sheetlet, is also found on the other half of the island (Indonesia). Their eating orders and population density varies, due to geographical governance. And talking about geography, our virgin forests continue to impress with the never-ending discoveries of their treasures. Below are bird subjects and denominations assigned for this issue:

 Postage Stamps

K1.60 Red-billed - Talegalla cuvieri

K2.50- Meyer’s Goshawk - Accipiter meyerianus

K3.45- Gurney’s Eagle - Aquila gurneyi

K10.00- Dusky Scrubfowl - Megapodius Freycinet

 Souvenir Sheet

K8.00 – Erithrotiorchis raduatus - Chestnut- shouldred Goshawk

K8.00 – Erithrotiorchis raduatus - Chestnut- shouldred Goshawk


K1.60 – Dusky Scrubfowl - Megapodius Freycinet (Head portion)

K8.00- Dusky Scrubfowl - Megapodius Freycinet (Leg portion)

K10.00- Dusky Scrubfowl - Megapodius Freycinet (Leg/Eggs portion)


The Post PNG Philatelic Bureau would like to acknowledge the following people for their outstanding contribution in making this issue a reality.

Katerina Sam - Thank you Katerina Sam for using your New Guinea Birds

website (http://pngbirds.myspecies. info/). to identify these birds. Your research is valuable to this stamp issue.

Daniel De Smedt – We also take this time to thank Daniel De Smedt of Belgium for providing the list of rare birds in Papua New Guinea. Daniel, your generosity shown by giving us the leeway all throughout the research and production phases for last year and this year issues is incomparable. Thank you.

John Billy Telek – Thank you Billy for the tremendous job done with the illustrations for this issue and last year as well.

Technical Details
STAMP SIZE                                   40mm x 30mm
SOUVENIR SHEET SIZE                   75mm x 105mm
SHEETLET SIZE                               75mm x 105mm
DENOMINATION                             K1.60, K2.50, K3.45, K10.00,
                                                    Sheetlet: K19.60
                                                    Souvenir Sheet: K16.00
SHEET CONTENTS                          25 Stamps
FORMAT                                        Vertical
PERFORATION                                2mm
COLOURS                                      4 colour Process
PAPER                                          102 gsm
GUM                                             Unwatered mark, PVA Gummed
PRINTING TECHNIQUE                   Multicolour Offset, Lithography
DESIGNER                                    Billy John Telek
PRINTER                                       Southern Colour Print (NZ)

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