PNG Faces - Southern Region

Brand: 2018

PNG FACES - Southern Region

This is the first of a four - part stamp issue topic featuring faces from the four regions of Papua New Guinea, which involves over a thousand tribes. And again, in our quest to documenting the different types of facial structure and skin colour, the Post PNG Philatelic Bureau, as the mandated body overseeing stamp design, printing and distribution, have decided to go with Southern Region for a start, then on to other regions in the later releases.  

Out of the many tribes in the region (Southern Region), the featured few are those of Motu, Kairuku, Tufi, and the Trobriand islands.

Motuans – The Motuan people, are the native inhabitants, among other tribes, mainly populating the southern coastal area of the country. Their indigenous language is also known as Motu, and like several other languages of the region, motu  is an Austronesian language. They and the Koitabu people are the original inhabitants.

Trobriand Islanders - The inhabitants of the Trobriand group of islands  are mostly subsistence horticulturalists who live in traditional villages. The social structure is based on matrilineal clans that control land and resources. The islanders participate in the regional circuit of exchange of shells called Kula, sailing to visit trade partners on open-sea going canoes.

Tufi – Tufi is located on the south eastern peninsula of Cape Nelson, Oro Province, Southern Region of Papua New Guinea. The area is located on one of many rias, or drowned river valleys, locally referred to as ‘fjords’, on Cape Nelson surrounded by many uncharted reefs. The area is also famous for its beautiful  tapa cloth and traditional finery of their dancers.

Kairuku – Kairuku, a district of Central Province in Papua New Guinea, is one of the four administrative districts that make up the province, and surrounds the national capital, Port Moresby. Half of the population of the district live in rural villagers.


Technical Details

STAMP SIZE:                          35mm x 60mm
SOUVENIR SHEET SIZE:          75mm x115mm
SHEETLET SIZE:                     75mm x115mm
DENOMINATION:                    K1.50, K3.40, K5.00 & K6.80
SHEET CONTENTS:                 20
FORMAT:                               Vertical
PERFORATION:                      2mm
COLOURS:                             Full Colour Process
PAPER:                                 102gsm
GUM:                                    Unwatered mark, PVA Gummed
PRINTING TECHNIQUE:          Multicolour Offset, Lithography
DESIGNER:                           Yang'hueng Yansom
PRINTER:                             Henan Post Printing - CN
ISSUE DATE:                        26th June, 2017
WITHDRAWAL DATE:             26th December, 2017
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