Pioneer Arts - Joseph Bayagau

Brand: 2018

Post PNG as the governing administration of stamps in Papua New Guinea, through its Philatelic Department has release a set of stamps featuring Pioneer Arts by Joseph Bayagau one of the local Artist who is specialized in Fine Arts sketching with pencils.


Joseph Bayagau
“It started when I picked up a pencil and began scribbling to express my interpretation of a subject.

I do not consider myself as an established artist but rather learning one. Although art is said to be a selfish pursuit, personally, I believe the opposite is true. My drawings are not only about capturing moments, but about sharing with everyone around me through my expressions. Ask any artist and they will say that art is a learning experience built on experiments and experiences and even more so about learning to see.

I liked the idea of capturing moments, especially everyday experiences. Photography is a great medium, but the challenge to capture and transform life and feeling into a subject by re-creating it through ‘mark making’ or ‘scribbling’ is fascinating.

Anybody can make a mark, but not all can control it. A drawing can change the whole outlook of any subject by a colour, form, line, shape, space, texture and tonal value, but with an added personal touch, I can either make the idea beautiful or dramatic as I choose. The results are magical and satisfying especially when I see others appreciate my work.

Like most artists, I love to share the uniqueness of these life-catching moments “Captured” with my personal interpretation. Artistic impressions last a lifetime. These are the moments anyone would want to keep... “Captured” lead on paper.

I thank God for any talent at all; for me and all artists in general and also for the opportunity of time to nurture that talent. I love what I do, I love that it is appreciated and that it can sell”.

Technical Details
STAMP SIZE 40mm x 30mm
SHEETLET SIZE 70mm x 100mm
DENOMINATION 20t, K1.60, K5 & K6.90
FORMAT Vertical
COLOURS 4 Color Process
PAPER 102 gsm
GUM Unwatered mark, PVA Gummed
PRINTING TECHNIQUE Multicolour Offset, Lithography
DESIGNER Kin Kaupa - Post PNG Philatelic
PRINTER Southern Colour Print (NZ)
ISSUE DATE 17th May, 2018
WITHDRAWAL DATE 17th October, 2018

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